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Founded in 2020, HomiieStudio specializes in providing innovative Wellness Interior Design.

Is Your Home as Healthy as You Think?

Every home tells a story, and at HomiieStudio, we believe that home should be one where one finds comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

We help homeowners like you uncover the hidden health hazards in their homes.

We dig beneath the surface using advanced tech, to identify the unseen health threats that could be lurking in your home - we transform the question marks into peace of mind, enabling you to breathe, drink, sleep and live-  with certainty in the sanctuary you call home

Space Design for Health, Happpiness and Harmony

About Us

Nishant Sinsinwar, Our Founder is an Interior Designer Vastu expert and Building Biologist having an experience of 18 years in this field. With a visionary spirit, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey back in 2015 when he founded the Interior Dezign Group which primarily worked with Retail industry. After gaining experience in the retail industry, Nishant realized his true passion was to create emotionally-connective personal spaces. To achieve this, he began a quest to acquire knowledge in holistic and spiritual design principles, culminating in the establishment of Homiie Studio in 2020. With a mission to transform lives through space design, Nishant draws on his expertise in Vedic Vastu, Scientific Vastu, Building Biology, modern interior design, and a deep understanding of life’s purpose. His innovative approach has garnered him a reputation as a design leader, committed to helping clients achieve happiness, health, wealth, and excellence in life.


Healthy Home Audit

Building Biology is the science of understanding the interactions between your living space and your well-being. At HomiieStudio, we believe that everyone deserves a home that promotes well-being and supports a sustainable lifestyle.

Healthy Home Audit includes:

  • Electromagnetic fields (Appliances).
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (Phone, Wifi)
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Molds and unhealthy elements indoor.
  • Radon/Toxic Gases (VOCs,CO2,CO).
  • Thermal and Acoustic Comfort.
  • Assessment of Lighting (Daylight and Artificial).
  • Identify Directions of Space.
  • Provide Solutions and Rectification measure based on Audit Reports.

Start your journey toward a healthier living environment today by booking your Healthy Home Audit.

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Interior Design Services

Our Wellness Interior Design Services Encompass A Wide Range Of Offerings Aimed At Creating Aesthetically Pleasing, Functional, And Well-Designed Spaces.

Wellness  Interior Design Services includes:

Design Consultation 

  • Identify directions of space.
  • Biophilic Design Concept.
  • Thermal and Acoustic Comfort Design.
  • Natural Healthy material Concept.
  • Sensory Design Principles.
  • Meditative theme based design.
  • Enhance indoor Air and light Quality.

Project Execution and Management.

Turnkey Solutions.

Book our Wellness Interior Design Service to transform your space and Life.

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Energy Vastu Consultation

Our Vastu Services involves incorporating The Principles of Vastu Shastra (Vedic Vastu) and Building Biology Concepts(Modern/Western Vastu) to create a harmonious and energetic balanced Living. Environment.

As Energy Vastu Consultant/Building Biologist, we help in identifying:

  1. Energy of Space.
  • Cosmic energy
  • Global Energy
  • Telluric Energy
  • Centripetal Energy
  • Centrifugal Energy.
  1. Geopathic Stress
  2. Identify Morphogenic Fields.
  3. 16 Directions and 5 elements study of space.
  4. Absorption and Elimination Energy Fields.
  5. Match Symptoms with Problems.
  6. Energy Balance Remedy and Rectification.
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