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Our Services

Our team of experts are dedicated to identifying potential hazards and providing solutions to optimize your indoor environment. We provide a full day in home including the following areas of focus:

  • Electromagnetic fields (Appliances).
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (Phone, Wifi etc)
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Molds and unhealthy elements indoor.
  • Radon/Toxic Gases (VOCs,CO2,CO).
  • Thermal and Acoustic Comfort
  • Assessment of Lighting (Daylight and Artificial).
  • Identify Directions of Space.
  • Provide Solutions and Rectification measure based on Audit Reports.
Indoor Environment and Health Audit

Healthy Home Audit

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Our Interior Design Services Encompass A Wide Range Of Offerings Aimed At Creating Aesthetically Pleasing, Functional, And Well-Designed Spaces. Here Are Our Common Interior Design Services:

  1. Design Consultation 
    • Identify directions of space.
    • Biophilic Design Concept.
    • Thermal and Acoustic Comfort Design.
    • Natural Healthy material Concept.
    • Sensory Design Principles.
    • Meditative theme based design.
    • Enhance indoor Air and light Quality.
  • 2.  Project Excecution and Mangement
  • 3. Turnkey Solution
Wellness Interior Design

Interior Design Services

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As Energy Vastu Consultant/Building Biologist, we help in identifying:

  1. Energy of Space.
    • Cosmic energy
    • Global Energy
    • Telluric Energy
    • Centripetal Energy
    • Centrifugal Energy.
  2. Geopathic Stress
  3. Identify Morphogenic Fields.
  4.  16 Directions and 5 elements study of space.
  5.  Absorption and Elimination Energy Fields.
  6. Match Symptoms with Problems.
  7.  Energy Balance Remedy and Rectification.
Building Biology

Energy Vastu Consultation

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Vastu Services involve incorporating The Principles of Vastu Shastra, An Ancient Indian Architectural System, to create a harmonious and energetically balanced living environment. Here are some Vastu Services we provide:

  1. Vastu Consultation with complete analysis and Remedies based on Vastu Dosha Report.
  2. Guidance for Site Selection while purchasing.
  3. Colour and Material Selection based on zones.
  4. Energy Flow and Balancing

Vastu Services

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