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Interior Course

Apart from software knowledge, realtime understanding of interior concept and their application is required. Homiie Studio Interior Course includes hands on experience alongwith the theortical concept understanding. It also give opportunity to work on live projects: 

Design Fundamentals:

Elements and principles of design (line, shape, color, texture, balance, etc.)

Design theory and aesthetics

Design history and styles

Mood boards and concept development

Space Planning and Layout:

Space analysis and programming

Ergonomics and human factors in design

Furniture arrangement and layout

Circulation and traffic flow

Architectural Drafting and Drawing:

Floor plans, elevations, and sections

Technical drawing and drafting techniques

Scale, proportion, and measurement

Materials and Finishes:

Selection and specification of materials (flooring, wall coverings, fabrics, etc.)

Understanding material properties and characteristics

Sustainability and eco-friendly design

Color Theory and Application

Color psychology and its impact on design

Color schemes and combinations

Color trends and cultural influences

Lighting Design:

Principles of lighting design

Natural and artificial lighting techniques

Light fixtures and their placement

Interior Construction and Detailing:

Understanding construction materials and techniques

Wall and ceiling treatments

Cabinetry and built-in elements

Textiles and Soft Furnishings:

Fabric selection and application

Upholstery and drapery

Cushions and accessories

Presentation Skills:

Creating design presentations

Visual communication techniques (renderings, mood boards, presentations)