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Turn Key Project

A turnkey execution service is a comprehensive service where our professionals handles all aspects of a project from conceptualization to completion. Our turnkey execution service include:

Concept and Design:

Our interior design team works closely with the client to understand their preferences, requirements, and budget. They create a detailed design plan, including layouts, color schemes, materials, furniture, fixtures, and other design elements.


Our design team takes care of sourcing and purchasing all the necessary materials, furniture, decor items, and fixtures as per the approved design. This can involve negotiating with suppliers, arranging deliveries, and managing inventory.

Construction and Renovation:

If there are any structural changes or renovations required, our design team oversees the construction process. This includes coordinating with contractors, architects, and tradespeople to ensure that the design is implemented accurately.

Project Management:

Our design firm manages the project timeline, budget, and various tasks to ensure a smooth execution. They handle any unexpected challenges that may arise during the process.

Installation and Styling:

Once construction and major installations are complete, our design team takes care of arranging furniture, hanging curtains, placing decor items, and styling the space to bring the design to life.

Final Touches and Quality Control:

Our team ensures that every detail is in place, and the space is thoroughly inspected to meet quality standards before handing it over to the client.

Client Handover:

The completed project is presented to the client. They simply need to “turn the key” and start using their new, fully designed space.