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Vastu integrated Interior Course

HomiieStudio’s Vastu integrated Interior Design course caters to individuals who are interested in creating interiors that align with Vastu principles and promote positive energy flow. Here are some of the topics that will be covered in our course:

Introduction to Vastu Shastra:

Understanding the basics of Vastu philosophy and its historical context

Five elements (Pancha Bhutas) and their significance in Vastu

Vastu Principles for Interior Design:

Applying Vastu concepts to interior spaces

Designing rooms according to Vastu guidelines

Placement of furniture and decor items based on Vastu principles

Spatial Arrangement and Design:

Optimizing room layout based on Vastu principles

Designing entrances, windows, and doors for energy flow

Vastu-compliant kitchen and bathroom design

Color and Material Selection:

Choosing colors and materials in line with Vastu recommendations

Exploring the Vastu attributes of different colors

Furniture and Decor Placement:

Placing furniture and decor items to enhance positive energy

Creating balanced and harmonious interiors

Energy Flow and Balancing:

Understanding energy pathways (Vastu energy zones) in a space

Remedies for addressing energy imbalances

Vastu and Architecture:

Integrating Vastu principles into architectural design

Designing Vastu-compliant building layouts

Case Studies and Practical Applications:

Analyzing real-life interior design projects incorporating Vastu principles

Hands-on exercises in arranging spaces and decor according to Vastu guidelines

Ethical Considerations and Contemporary Perspectives:

Discussing the ethical implications of Vastu practices

Integrating Vastu principles in modern interior design contexts